100% Chef CO2 - Dry Ice Condenser Black

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No more storing dry ice in your freezer. You can now make your own highly compact dry ice tablets of 30 grams in just 1 minute. With pressure reduction filter and minimum gas loss this is a highly efficient device, which allows you producing dry ice on demand. 

CO2 Dry Ice Black is completely safe and harmless. It can be used in cocktail bars. buffets. food displays. etc. This new model is compatible with all our shaping moulds for CO2, as Poker, Cube and Pellet (moulds not included).

Compatible with all CO2 bottles with dip tube. Make your own dry ice whenever you need it and dare to create spectacular presentations that are completely safe for your clients. The box includes user’s manual that will guide you through your first trials. We recommend not using CO2 bottles for draught beer, as they lack the indispensable dip tube. necessary for producing dry ice.

What is dry ice?

Dry ice is the solid state of CO2 or carbon dioxide. It is obtained by reducing the pressure and the temperature of liquid CO2 in a controlled manner. This transforms CO2 into pure. white CO2 snow. This snow can be used as it is, or it can be highly compressed, to form tablets or pellets of different diameters. The dry ice is being used in food industry for cooling and transporting foods that must be kept dry and in low temperatures. In avant-garde cuisine. dry ice is often used to add visual effects and flavored vapors, as well as for producing smoky carbonated drinks, bubbly reactions, surprising buffet displays. etc. Instant production of dry ice is easy. safe and does not require complicated machinery. You can use it with nor risk for yourself or your clients. It is tasteless and scentless. This device should only be connected to bottles that are certified for storing liquid CO2. Such bottles can be rented from companies specialized in alimentary gases, which can provide you with convenient and tailored service.

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Stok Kodu01CF-120-1015
Marka100% Chef
Stok DurumuVar
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