100% Chef Noon, High precision Immersion Circulator

48.967,12 TL
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47.008,44 TL
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100% Chef presents the new Noon series.

All needs and experiences collected after the introduction of laboratory thermal baths in hundreds of cuisines from around the world. have allowed us to develop the best generation of equipment and accessories for low-temperature cooking.

Exclusively designed for chefs with the intention of providing all necessary to meet and adapt to the needs of every kitchen innovations.

Noon is indicated for precision cooking vacuum-packed food, infuse, pasteurized previously cooked foods or to regenerate any type of product with complete safety and comfort, in addition to scheduled cooking with high precision.

Compact and robust model with a polycarbonate chassis, resistant to the exigent daily use in a restaurant.

All components are protected and integrated into its own chassis, preventing the bags to come in direct contact with the resistor, avoiding any kind of incident.

Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 31,4cm 2kg


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Stok Kodu01CF-80-0058
Marka100% Chef
Stok DurumuVar
Garanti (Yıl)1

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