100% Chef Teppan Nitro Salva-G

13.416,27 TL
Havale / EFT:
12.879,62 TL
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Nitro Teppan with double bath. it is a container with double function: griddle and fry. Its high thermal allows a moderate consumption of nitrogen. Its griddle is able to reach very low temperatures. with high stability and response of continuous work. Experiment with moulding fats. chocolates. jellies. pralines foams. lollipops. crisp. fruit ice layers. decorations with cornets. ice cream with hot heart. nitro shots. etc. In addition you can have in your other tray a LN2 bath to submerge your pieces and give them a touch of cold to hold up until its service. or you will be able to make all kinds of Nitro preparations. ¡Discover the most Salva-G part of cold! Light and shock resistant. made of a polypropylene closed cell container ensures total hygiene. And if you need more work surface. you can acquire a new griddle and attach it in the empty vessel. doubling your production.

Dimensions: 42 x 21 x 15 cm / 3.5 L.

Units per box: 1

Diğer Özellikler
Stok Kodu01CF-120-0002
Marka100% Chef
Stok DurumuVar
Garanti (Yıl)1

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