100% Chef Turbigomme, Compact adhesive joint

743,87 TL
Havale / EFT:
714,12 TL
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Self-Adhesive junction Turbigom for food use. Its compact neoprene and natural rubber mousse allows to be crosswised with cooking catheter without letting oxygen go in your packaging. Its thin and flexible alveolus instantly recover its shape when removing the catheter. in this way we guarantee again its seal. Its thick 8 mm format makes it one of the safest and most used on the market. We suggest covering your Turbigom with a retractable piece for ensuring its fastening during long cookings.

Dimensions: 5 m 

Diğer Özellikler
Stok Kodu01CF-80-0034
Marka100% Chef
Stok DurumuVar
Garanti (Yıl)1

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