100% Chef Tütsüleme Talaşı - Quebracho Ağacı, 80 gr

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Natural quebracho red tree wood chips for food smoking. Aladín Chips Quebracho is the result of the best selection of timbers suitable for the different techniques of smoking, respecting all existing rules and regulations for food smoking. Aladín Chips Quebracho is the best choice for smoking barbecues, red meat and any roast. Its use is also good with other types of food, depending on the flavor you like to obtain. The wood chips have a low amount of residual resin.

Out tip: to obtain a slow burning in low temperature (less than 500°C approx.), the sawdust should be moistened slightly with water; it is important to control and regulate the quantity of air of the machine to prevent the formation of flame. We advise you to carefully read the smoking techniques section included in our downloadable catalogue at our official website.

Keep in cool and dry place, in a fully closed container. Keep away from ignition sources, as it is a flammable product.

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Stok Kodu01CF-10-0053
Marka100% Chef
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