Cambro 66CF110 ColdFest 1/6 Size Black Food Pan

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Cambro ColdFest insulated pans offer a solution to keeping your cold items chilled at food-safe temperatures for extended periods of time, without the use of ice. Designed with a sanitary seal that keeps a non-toxic FDA approved gel inside, this Cambro 66CF110 ColdFest food pan will ensure your pre-chilled foods will remain at or below the HACCP guideline of 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Simply place your pan in the freezer for eight hours, or overnight, and by morning it will be at the perfect temperature to keep your food items chilled.

This pan was designed to replace standard 1/6 size pans in your front-of-the-house buffet or back-of-the-house salad prep equipment. With a depth of 6" and a capacity of 1.5 qt., you can use this pan for salad bar ingredients, vegetables, condiments, or any food items that you need to keep chilled.

After 8 hours of freezing time, this ColdFest pan will keep your pre-chilled products at the appropriate temperature for 6 hours. You won't have to worry about your salsas, dressings, dips and creams getting near the danger zone, and your food bar will be safe and sanitary!

These pans will neatly stack without wedging or sticking during both freezing and storage.

Cambro ColdFest pans are dishwasher safe for your convenience!

Made with high-impact resistant ABS shell, this pan was made with frequent use in mind.

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