Excalibur 4900 Garnish Kurutucu, 9 Tepsi

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Excalibur revolutionizes the world of Kitchen Dehydrators. Food dehydrators have been. for many years now. pushing the limits of the food preparation techniques used by cook professionals. Proof of this is the high demand and genuine interest shown towards the various existing dehydrating machinery in today’s market. With a wide range of benefits. user-friendly procedures and all-round effective uses. the dehydrators provides the cook with a whole new world in ways to prepare food-creating crunchy textures with great precision. effectively substituting the oven as a dryer. So. why purchase an Excalibur dehydrator and not other imitating brands? Quick. efficient. user-friendly. clean. economic. There is nothing better. Excalibur produced the only reversed mounted equipment that permits horizontal or parallel airflow. Excalibur Parallexx®. Excalibur makes a perfect dehydration and it is the perfect tool for the most demanding kitchen professional. Possibly the best dehydrator in the world. Excalibur 4900 model: - Made for the professional and for the dehydration of a high volume of product. - Temperature regulator. instruction manual in Spanish and English. - Spare parts available and a one-year guarantee. With a dismountable front door and removable trays. the Excalibur allows the user to peek. add or remove produce from the trays in the drying chamber without interfering in the process. The exclusive Excalibur Parallexx® heat distribution system ensures perfect dehydration for all types of food (cheese. meats. fish. seafood. legumes. vegetables and fruits. spices. mushrooms. flowers. pastas. etc). In addition. due to the tray arrangement and posterior machinery. the Excalibur allows a unique range of possibilities when it comes to dehydrate sauces. creams. yogurts. mousse. cheese. pastries. etc. Ad adjustable thermostat permits you to control. with total precision. the degree of dehydration speed and health safety measures of your products by way of varying the temperature as humidity decreases. providing your product with a crunchier taste and less burned healthy presentation. The Excalibur Tray support system allows alternating the position of the trays granting the choice of increasing or decreasing the position of the trays as well as dehydrating large items such as cheese. dough yeast and yogurt. The Excalibur’s easy to wash polycarbonate sheets are FDA approved. these are an also approved by the most prestigious and demanding health organizations in the world. Excalibur dehydrators dispose of a wide range of accessories and complements with which you can do what was. until now. unthinkable - silicone sheets. teflex. die-cut sheets. antioxidants and color preservers. silicone gels and much more from where to choose. The Excalibur comes with a complete instruction manual. spare parts and 24-hour technical assistance. What we today know as a dehydrator was developed to cover the necessities of a large group population seeking a healthier and original way to prepare natural produce and raw food. Through many years of manufacturing experience. companies now have created a product that has efficiently evolved to high quality levels. Although most dehydrators share the same ways of functioning. the differences reside in size. capacity and building materials. still. most dehydrators function in the same manner. Conventional dehydrators generate heat from the lower area. pilling up all the round perforated trays above and thus creating a wide range of inconveniences. Excalibur’s’ patented Parallexx® consists on an efficient way of producing large quantities of produce with very little. if any. intervention. The Excalibur 4900 models are small format dehydrators with a high-load capacity- 1m2 of dehydrating area per load. Discover now the benefits of the Excalibur® brand Working area of the Excalibur 4900: - 9 trays - 38x38 cm each (1m2 surface) - 18 cm. fan -  600 Watt 210-230V/ 60hz engine - Weight: 10 kg - Color: black.

Dimensions: 31,8 x 48 x 31,8 cm 10kg

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