Fetco CBS-2151XTS Filtre Kahve Makinesi

126.487,62 TL
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The Single Station 1.5 Gallon CBS-2151XTS Touchscreen Series Coffee Brewer provides flexibility in medium-to-large sized venues such as Banquet Halls, Cafeterias and Restaurants. Simplify your daily operations and experience total control of this fully featured Extractor®Brewing System via an inviting touchscreen interface display that is intuitive, easy to read andsimple to navigate. 
CASCADING SPRAY DOME (CSD) - Water flows over the outer surface of the dome instead of through tiny drain holes (competitor models) that easily can become clogged with mineral and scale over time. The CSD virtually eliminates spray head lime buildup - a leading reason for service calls. Fewer service calls means lower operating costs and more time producing revenue. 

These high quality brewers possess the legendary features and reliable performance you've come to expect from Extractor® branded products. Built for flexibility and portability, thermal lined servers and dispensers quickly turn virtually any remote location into a hot and fresh beverage service station. 

The CBS-2151XTS is compatible with 1.5 Gallon LUXUS® L4S-15 Thermal Servers and L4D-15 Thermal Dispensers (sold separately). 

Sleek European cabinet design is attractive and fits well in any front-of-house decor found in cafes, lounges, OCS or corporate breakrooms. 

Duplicate batch profiles and parameters to and from any of the batch buttons on a single machine or copy the information to an unlimited number of brewers via a removable SD card (sold separately). 

Width: 12 1/4 in.
Depth: 22 3/4 in.
Height: 36 3/4 in.
Empty Weight: 53 lbs.
Hot Water Tank Capacity: 6.4 gallons
Gallons (Liter) Per Hour: 11.5 (43.5)
Voltage: 200-240v
Max Amp Draw: 22.1-25.5
Electrical Connection: Hardwire
Heater Configuration: 2 x 3.0kW
Model Kapasite (Lt) Elektrik Bağlantısı Güç Ölçüler (mm) Net Ağırlık 
 CBS-1131-XV+    3,8   220 V ~ 1N    3,1 k W   299 x 521 x 705      18 
 CBS-2151-XTS    5,7   220 V ~ 1N     4,3 k W   324 x 577 x 933      24 
 L4S-10    3,8   STANDSIZ      203 x 292 x 342      6 
 L4D-10    3,8   STANDLI         203 x 292 x 584      6 
 L4D-15    5,7   STANDLI         229 x 336 x 584      10 
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Stok KoduCBS-2151XTS
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